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New Direction Festival V is over! Thanx for three days of no sleep and great diy partying with the best crew ever! It was a blast again. Thanx a lot to all the nice people, who showed up, to the bands, who played for a little more than nothing, to the house and its staff and our voluntary helpers. The fest wouldn‘t be possible without you and your commitment! Up the punks!
If you made pictures you wanna share with us – get in touch via or here.

Here’s a collection of youtube memorials of this year’s concerts:

And some pictures:
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NDF Timetable / Running Order


Thursday, 10th July
00.00: Torso
23.15: Halshug
22.30: Blank Pages
21.45: Static Means
21.00: Nakam
Aftershow w/ „Pension Horny DJ Team“ @ Café

Friday, 11th July
01.00: Fluffers @ Bunker
00.15: Hard Skin
23.30: Svffer
22.45: Hysterese
22.00: Sect
21.15: Slöa Knivar
20.30: Catholic Guilt
19.45: Suicidas
19.00: Geraniüm
16.00: „TKKG“ Lesung @ Saal
Aftershows w/ tba. @ Café & Nowa Aleksandria @ Bunker

Saturday, 12th July
01.00: Belgrado
00.00: Ruidosa Inmundicia
23.15: The Mob
22.30: The Love Triangle
21.45: Metric Eyes
21.00: Humanabfall
20.15: Midnight Crisis @ Halfpipe
19.30: The Splits @ Halfpipe
18.45: Short Days @ Halfpipe
18.00: Left In Ruins @ Halfpipe
13.00: Lecture w/ “Beatpoeten: Popper lesen Punk”
13.00: Soccer Match
13.00: Workshop Lockpicking
Aftershow w/ tba. @ Café